Herbal Potion From False Daisy to Treat Scabs on Scalp

False Daisy (Eclipta Alba) or in Indonesia is called urang-aring is the herbal plant that is used to maintain hair health and fertilize hair. As Indonesians mostly have dark hairs, we use urang-aring to blacken our hairs. The herbal plant is useful for liver disorders, gastric disorders and to treat skin problems.

So, why false daisy is useful to treat scabs on scalp? There were various research about the benefits to accelerate wound healing on skins. Scabs on scalp appear because the wounds don’t heal properly, Deherba.com wrote.

Scientific article, “Wound Healing Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Leaves of Eclipta Alba” explained how false daisy extract could speed up wound healing on mice. False daisy may cleanse wounds from free radicals. The plants may also improve antioxidant levels in granuloma tissues. The increase in antioxidant levels caused collagenation. It is the replacement of normal tissues that are wounded with collagen connective tissues.

The parts that were used in the research were the leaves. But, in the traditional recipe below, we are going to use all parts of urang-aring. The recipe was taken from Deherba.com. Sadly, there is no information about the dosages of the recipes.

The herbal potion to treat scabs on scalp


Fresh false daisy plants


Boil false daisy plants in a pan with enough water.

Cool it down and refine the water.

How to use it:

Use the water to wet the scalp. You can rub the pulp on the scabs.

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