Herbal Medicines Can Make Body Immune To Germs

clay pot to cook traditional medicine

Indonesia was a country that had the biggest medicinal plants in the world. There were 40,000 medicinal plant species in the world. Around 30,000 species were found in Indonesia. But, there were only 200 medicinal plant species that were used as traditional medicines.

Director of Indonesia’s Traditional Health Services, Ina Rosalina said that traditional herbal medicine could make body immune to germs, which caused diseases. “Not to cure the germs, but to make body immune to germs,” she said during seminar in Brawijaya University, Malang City, Saturday (5/5/2018).

Unfortunately, the potency of medicinal plants in Indonesia was not accompanied by the number of health service workers. Ina said that there were no health workers that could explain herbal medicines. “There were no health workers who could explain herbal medicines,” Ina said.

Meanwhile, Sido Muncul had been doing the seminar 40 times in various places in Indonesia. It hoped that the seminars would encourage scholars and researchers to do research on medicinal plants.

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