Health Secrets of Javanese Women

coconut oil

We have learned how Balinese women maintain their beauties, now we will learn how Javanese women maintain their beauties. As you know, Java is one of the main Islands in Indonesia. Java tribe is also one of the main tribes in the country.

1. Drink jamu

One of Indonesian cultural heritages that cannot be found in other countries is jamu. Jamu has been used by Javanese women to maintain their health and beauties. There are various benefits from jamu: improves stamina, slims body and reduce body odor.

Jamu can be used to make their bodies strong, slim, and to brighten their skins even to tighten their feminity parts to improve their sexual lives.

You can read about three popular Jamu that are used by Indonesian women here.

homemade body scrub

2. Lulur

Javanese women also use Lulur, traditional scrubs made from natural ingredients. Just like jamu, lulur is made from plants or other ingredients. However, they don’t drink it, but apply it on their skins.

There are various popular ingredients to make lulur: glutinous rice to treat body odor, tamarind to smoothing skin.

Lulur also has various benefits from smoothing skin to tighten breasts and belly.

3. Drinking betel leaves concoction

From various medicinal plants in Indonesia, betel leaf is one that mostly used by Javanese women. Its antiseptic content can be used as a medicine to treat various light diseases such as laryngitis, cough and whitish.

There are also various ways to use betel leaves: chewing, and drinking the concoction. Betel leaves concoction can be used to treat laryngitis and body odor, as well as to clean feminity part and treat whitish.

4. Honey

Honey is also one of popular health products for Javanese women. It is mixed with food and drink to improve stamina or mixed with lulur to smoother skin and treats acne.

5. Coconut oil

Hair is an important part for women. So, it is not a surprise that women will try their best to maintain their hair beauty. Javanese women use coconut oil to maintain their hair beauties. This oil can prevent hair loss, gray hair and maintains the health of hair root.

To use coconut hair to maintain the hair health, they apply it on their scalps and massage the scalps slowly. It also can be applied directly to hair and brows to maintain their beauties.

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