Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds


Sweet and juicy watermelon is full of nutrition. But did you know that the seeds also have various health benefits as well?

Watermelon seeds rich in iron, potassium and vitamin, so they are very useful for health especially skin and hair health.

So, the next time you eat watermelon, don’t throw the seeds. You can dry them to eat later or use the oil.

Here are some health benefits of watermelon seeds:

Protect heart health

Rich in magnesium, the seeds help protecting your heart, so it can work normally. It also maintains blood pressure and improves metabolism process. The seeds are good to prevent us for suffering cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

Controlling diabetes

Take a handful of watermelon seeds, boil them in the water and drink the concoction every day just as if we drink tea. The concoction is useful to control blood sugar.

Moisten skin

Contains unsaturated oil, the seeds keep your skin smooth.

Prevent aging

The antioxidant content in the seeds help you prevent aging, help your skin keep healthier and young.

Clean acne

Take cotton bud and dip it on watermelon seed oil. Apply it on your face to clean acne, dirt and dead skin cells. This oil is suitable for every type of skin and can help treat skin infections.

Strengthen hair

The high protein and amino acid content in the seeds can strengthen hair. Also, roasted watermelon seeds can make your hair shiny since they have copper that produce melanin, a pigment that provides color for hair.

Treat itchy scalp

Watermelon seed oil has light texture, so it can be absorbed easily. The oil can be used as moisturizer for dried, itchy scalp or scalp with dandruff.

Prevent hair damage

The seeds contain important fatty acids that will prevent hair damage.

Source: Times of India




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