Health Benefits of Tamarind Leaves

One of jamu beverages is called sinom. This jamu tastes sweet not like other jamu beverages that usually taste bitter. That’s why sinom is usually drunk to neutralize the bitter taste that other jamu beverages have. Children usually like this beverage as well.

Did you know that sinom is made mainly from tamarind leaves? Tamarind leaves apparently has various health benefits as well. As quoted from, here are some health benefits of tamarind leaves:

1. Heal malaria

Malaria is caused by female Anopheles mosquitoes that bring plasmodium falciparum. And, because tamarind leaves have extract that can heal and anti-bacterial content, they can prevent the development of plasmodium falciparum.

2. Heal jaundice and diabetes

Jaundice and diabetes are related closely with gall and liver functions. Tamarind leaves can repair liver functions. The leaves will help stimulating production of insulin in blood, and will help gall functions to refine blood better so it eventually heals jaundice.

3. Heal bleeding gums and toothache

Mouth ulcers, bleeding gum and dental caries are caused by filthy conditions of the oral cavity and vitamin C deficiency. The leaves contain high ascorbic acid as well as antioxidant.

Tamarind Leaves (Flickr).
Tamarind Leaves (Flickr).

Tamarind leaves will act to heal and fulfill vitamin C requirement in body. Tamarind leaves also have antiseptic content that can kill bacteria and clean oral cavity so it will clean from bacteria that cause infections.

4. Treat menstrual cramps

If you often to have cramps in lower abdomen and back during menstruation, you should try to drink tamarind leaves juice. The beverage will reduce the cramps. Tamarind leaves also have analgesic properties. You can add little salt to make it more effective.

5. Heal inflammation and improve body immune system

If you suffer inflammation or swelling, you can try to use tamarind leaves. They will accelerate wounds healing thanks to their anti-inflammation and they can be used to treat joint pain and other inflammation. Tamarind leaves will strengthen body immune system from virus and bacteria infections.

Boil a handful tamarind leaves with two glasses of boiling water until there is one glass of water left and then drink it warm. You can also make tamarind leaves juice and add honey, so you can gain more nutrition.

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