Health Benefits of Phaleria Macrocarpa

Phaleria Macrocarpa, mahkota dewa

Phaleria Macrocarpa is well known as one of Indonesian medicinal plants. In Indonesia, it is called Mahkota Dewa (Crown of god). It comes from Papua. According to Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia, this plant has several active substances:

Alkaloid: is antioxidant that can neutralize toxic in our body.

Saponin that has benefits as: antibacterial and antiviral, increase body immune system, improve vitality, reduces blood sugar level, reduce blood clotting.

Flavonoid has benefits such as: improve blood circulatory to whole body and prevents blockage of blood flow, reduce cholesterol level as well as reduces accumulation of fat in blood vessel wall, reduce coronary heart disease risk level, anti-inflammation, antioxidant, helps reduce pain when there is bleeding or swelling, anti histamine (anti-allergy).

Phaleria Macrocarpa, mahkota dewa

The plant of Phaleria Macrocarpa mostly is planted as shade. Its size is mediocre with height about three meters. It has fruits with scarlet color that grow from main stem to branches. To extend fruits of Phaleria Macrocarpa storage periods we can choose several methods: refrigeration, canning, and drying. Drying can be done to Phaleria Macrocarpa fruits to reduce water content, thus reduces the numbers of harmful bacteria that could live on its water content. A perfect drying condition will determine high quality of drying result.


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