Health Benefits of Papaya Leaves


Papaya is one of tropical fruits that grow in South America and Mexico. Papaya, which its meat has a distinctive color bright orange, tasted fresh and delicious to consume. Papaya has been known for its various health benefits for human.

Apparently, Papaya’s leaves and flowers are also useful for our health benefits. According to some research, papaya leaves contain some active substances that have good effects to body. Those active substances are vitamin B1 (0.15 mg), vitamin A (18250 SI), vitamin C (140mg), protein (8 gram), calorie (79cal), fat (2gram), calcium (353mg), carbohydrate (11.9 gram), iron (0.8mg), phosphor (63mg), water (75.4gram), kautsuk, paparotin, papain enzyme, etc.

In Indonesia, papaya leaves are used as ingredients for jamu named jamu godong kates (godong= leaves, kates= papaya) or papaya leaves jamu. Here are other health benefits of papaya leaves:

1. Acne treatment

We can use papaya leaves as a home remedy for acne. We do that by creating homemade facial mask from papaya leaves.

Instruction: take 2-3 old papaya leaves then dry them. After that smash the dried leaves until they become powder. Add a half of tablespoon water to the papaya powder and mix them until they become a paste. Apply the paste on your face and use it in similar way you use mask.

2. Home remedy for constipation

Papaya leaves contain a chemical named carpaine. This substance can kill microorganism that often to disturb digestive functions.

3. Improve appetite

Papaya leaves are useful to improve appetite, and they are very useful for children who have appetite problems. Take one fresh papaya leaf as big as your palm. Add a little sugar and a half glass of warm water. Mix them all and blend with blender, refine the water. Drink the water/juice to improve appetite. The papaya leaf juice is notoriously bitter. So, you might want to add honey or sugar to the juice.

4. Home remedy for scarlet fever

Apparently, papaya leaves can heal scarlet fever. Takes 5 leaves and boil them in a half liter of water. Wait until there are only three-quarter of water left. Drink the concoction to cure scarlet fever. (Precaution: consider this as first aid only. Whether you feel better or not after you drink this since scarlet fever can be deadly, please go to your doctor and take medication).

5. Natural remedy for menstrual pain

Javanese women used to take papaya leaves to treat menstrual pain. Take a leaf of papaya, add tamarind and salt. Mix them in a cup of water and boil them. Drink the concoction after it is cold.

6. Anti cancer

Some research said that papaya leaves could be developed as anti-cancer medicine. It was said that papaya stem was also useful as its leaves to be anti-cancer drugs. Apparently, both its stem and leaves contain milky latex (white sap that looks like milk), which responsible as anti-cancer.


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