Health Benefits of Noni Juice (Part 2)

mengkudu, or noni, a remedy for diabetes

Noni (Mengkudu) has been known as one fruit that has various health benefits. On the first part of this article, you can read various research that were done to test Noni health claims scientifically.

In this second part, we learn other health benefits of Mengkudu juice:

Fights Tumor and Cancer

An interesting paper presented in annual meeting American Association fin. Cancer Research 83th in San Diego, California in 1992, titled “Activity of Anti-tumor Morinda citrifolia in Lewis Lung Carcinoma that was injected to mice.” In the research, mice that were injected with active Lewis Lung Carcinoma (a type of cancer) injection.

All mice who didn’t get treatment with Noni died within 9-12 days because of cancer. While mice that get treatment with Noni could survive and the chances were up to 105 to 123 percent longer. As many as 40 percent of mice in the research could live more than 50 days or more.

This study was repeated several times and every time Noni was proven significantly to extend lives of mice that had cancer compared with the mice that didn’t get Noni treatment. The point was that the research showed us Noni could slow down tumor growth.

A year later, Cancer Letters (vol 3, 1993) found an anticancer substance (damnacanthal) in Mengkudu extract that could prevent cancer cells growth.

There were some cases where people with cancers consumed Noni juice and were healed, among others was the case of Dr. Harrison’s patient (D.C. General Hospital), which suffered liver cancer and stomach swelling due to excessive liquid.

After the patient consumed Noni juice for 7 days, the swelling in stomach reduced significantly. New test to the patient’s liquid showed that cancer cells were gone.

According to Dr. Judah Folkman from Harvard University, Noni worked in synergy with other micronutrient to prevent bloodstream to go to tumor cells. Its mechanism is almost similar with squalene oil (from shark liver), which controls brain tumor growth and extend lab rat by destroying bloodstreams that supply blood to tumor cells.

Reduce pain

Other ability of Noni fruit as analgesic has been known in history of traditional medicines, so that its tree is called as painkiller tree or headache tree. Scientific research have proved that it has beneficial effect to reduce pain.

In 1990, researchers found significant connection between Noni juice dosage with analgesic activity in lab mice (generally, more they used Noni juice, stronger the analgesic effect).

There were various theories explained about Noni mechanism that removed pain. One of those theories was Dr. Ralph Heinicke theory (famous biochemistry expert from the USA), which he said that its xeronine that was able to reduce pain.

Xeronine has an ability to normalize protein in abnormal cells including brain network cells, where the pain came. In certain cases, chronic pain such as continuous headache, nerve pain and joint pain could be healed by consuming Mengkudu juice.

Dealing with inflammation and allergy

Scopoletin compound (hydroxy-methoxy-coumarin) is very effective as anti-inflammation and anti-allergy. Medical literature reported some cases where arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and allergy could be healed by using scopoletin.

Bryant Bloss, MD, orthopedist from Indiana, USA reported that Mengkudu juice healed back pain that he and his other 15 patients suffered. Meanwhile, other 8 patients reported that their osteoarthritis almost gone when they consumed Noni juice.

Other three patients that suffered asthma experienced that their cough symptoms reduced. Other patient that suffered arthritis also suffered real progress after they consumed Noni juice. Dr. Bloss suggested taking Noni juice as supplement and not as a medicine to his patients.

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