Health Benefits of Noni Fruit (Part 1)

mengkudu, or noni, a remedy for diabetes

Medical research about Mengkudu or Noni (Morinda citrifolia ) was started at least in 1950, when scientific Pacific Science journal reported that Noni showed anti-bacterial nature to M.pryogenes, P. Aeruginosa and even deadly E.coli.

Various studies and researches about Noni have been done by various research institutions and universities. Since 1972, Dr. Ralph Heinicke, renowned biochemistry expert from the USA started to research alkaloid xeronine that was found in bromelain enzyme (enzyme in pineapple).

Later, he found that the same substance and its precursor (prexeronine) were found in Noni in large quantity as well. Xeronine is one of important substances to regulate the function and form of specific protein in human cells.

In 1993, Cancer Letter journal reported that several researchers from Keio University and The Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Japan did research toward 500 plants claimed that they found anti cancer substances (such as damnacanthal) in Noni.

Reputable research institutions in France, Netherland, German, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, Austria, Cananda and even National Academy of Sciences, a prestigious center of national knowledge in the USA have been doing various research about Mengkudu.

A team of researchers in Hawaii University has done various research about mengkudu, among others about anti-tumor and anti-cancer activities of Morinda citrifolia that was published on a scientific journal (Proc, West Pharmacology Society Journal, vol, 37,1994).

A survey was done by Dr. Neil Solom toward eight thousands of Tahitian Noni juice involved 40 doctors and other medical practitioners showed that Tahitian Noni juice helped recovery from several diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, digestion disorders, diabetes, stroke, etc.



Number of Patients

% Helped

1. Cancer 874 67
2. Heart diseases 1058 80
3. Stroke 983 58
4. Diabetes, type 1&2 2434 83
5. Lethargic 7 931 91
6. Sexual drive improvement 1545 88
7. Muscle strengthening 709 71
8. Obesity 2638 72
9. High blood pressure 721 87
10. Smokers 447 58
11. Arthritis 673 80
12. Pain 3785 87
13. Depression 781 77
14. Allergy 851 85
15. Digestive problems 1509 89
16. Respiratory problems 2727 78
17. Insomnia 1148 72
18. Weak concentration 301 89
19. Healthy feeling 3716 79
20. Mental stability 2538 73
21. Liver diseases 2127 66
22. Stress 3273 71

The data above was quoted from a book “Liquid Island Noni (M.citrifolia), The Tropical Fruit with 101 Medical Uses”. % of Helped were patients who felt health improvement or changes in their body whether objectively or subjectively after they consumed Mengkudu juice.

In the research, Dr. Neil Solomon focused on Tahitian Noni Juice that contained 89 percent of Noni juice, which was a most consumed product that time.

mengkudu, or noni, a remedy for diabetes

From various research, it is found that Noni contains various vitamin, mineral, enzymes, alkaloid, co-factors and plant sterol. Besides that, Noni leaf and root contain whole amino acid that become main protein source.

Here, some health benefits of Noni that are proven scientifically:

Improve immune system

Clinical research by Dr. Scherter (Natural Medicine Institute in California) resulted some important data about Noni among others was its ability to produce T cell in body immune system (T cell is useful to fight diseases); strengthening body immune system, especially macro facet and lymphocytes from white blood cells, showed anti-bacterial effect, show analgesic effect; prevent cancer or tumor cells growth by normalized functions of abnormal cells.

Mona Harrison, MD from Boston University School of Medicine and director of D.C General Hospital, reported that Noni improved thyroid gland function and thymus gland that were believed to fight infection and problems related with body immune system.

Normalize blood pressure

According to Neil Solomon, M.D, Ph.D, American health researcher, Noni contained phytonutrients named scopoletin that has function to widen vascular channel that was narrowed. This process helps heart works properly to pump blood, so the blood pressure becomes normal.

On animal test, it showed that scopoleting lower high blood pressure. Scopoleting in Noni could interact synergistic with other nutraceuticals (foods that function as medicine) to regulate blood pressure, so it won’t lower the normal blood pressure.

Experts from University of Stanford, University of Hawaii, University of California (UCLA), Union College of London, University of Meets in France that have been researching Noni agree that this plant can make blood pressure lower in many cases.

Simple clinical experiment that was done by Scott Gerson, MD (from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York) showed that many Noni users reported that their blood pressure be higher when they stopped to consume Noni juice and back to normal when they regularly consumed it.

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