Health Benefits of Mangosteen

benefits of mangosteen

What is Mangosteen?

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is originally come from Indonesia. This fruit, which has scientific name Garcinia Mangostana, was planted for the first time in Thailand and Burma. For hundred years herbal medicine experts in Asia have been using and believing in mangosteen health benefits to treat various diseases. This fruit is called as “queen of fruits,” probably to describe its ultimate marvel.

Here are some benefits of mangosteen according to several research:


According to researchers’ report, alpha mangostin compound (active chemical that is found on mangosteen’s bark) can prevent infection deployment that is caused by bacteria, which immune to conventional antibiotics. A Japanese research team suggested that this compound, which is very active to fight Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria that is immune to methicillin and Enterococci bacteria that is immune to vancomycin.

According to the research result, the scientists concluded that this compound could be the future medicine to treat infection, which was caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Besides that, alpha mangostin also is known to work alongside with commercial antibiotic such as gentamicin, minocycline and ampicillin.

Anti acne

A Thai research team tried to research the effectiveness of alpha mangostin compound to acne bacteria. This compound was available by extracting mangosteen. They tried to find the best extraction method to get alpha mangostin compound. After a series of experiments, finally in 2010 they found that alpha mangostin that was available by using extraction method with dichloromethane was the most effective compound to fight acne bacteria. Besides that, the method also produced the most alpha mangostin compound than other methods.

benefits of mangosteen

Anti carcinogenic

There is a compound found in mangosteen named xhantone. Malaysian researchers from University of Putra Jaya examined this compound that was extracted from its steam and roots. Xanthone is active biological compound that has very strong antioxidant nature. This compound is known very effective to prevent cancer cells growth and spread. The researchers also tried to get the best method to extract this compound that is a potential anti carcinogenic. For the record, the highest xanthone content is found on mangosteen skin.

Other benefits:

Other researchers succeeded in identifying various benefits of this tropical fruit to cure various diseases. Tannin compound in mangosteen skin is known to be useful to tighten skin and mucous membrane if it is applied directly. Xanthone compound apparently also useful as antihistamines and anti-inflammation, so it is useful to cure allergy. Xanthone also useful for heart health since it prevents LDL (bad cholesterol) in arteries. Mangosteen skin can be dried and to be used as tea. Mangosteen tea contains xanthone that is useful to treat various digestion problems such as diarrhea.

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