Health Benefits of Jamu Cabe Puyang

javanese chili, jamu chili, cabe jamu

There are various jamu recipes in Indonesia and one of them is jamu cabe puyang (cabe= Piper retrofractum, puyang= zingiber zerumbet). So, what are the health benefits of this jamu recipe? This jamu has been known as the effective home remedy to treat fatigue and soreness especially in the waist area. Besides that, people believe that this home remedy can cure fever and pins and needles.

Not only that, this jamu is also useful for people who suffer anemia and for people who have cold. Jamu cabe puyang is made from Piper retrofractum and Zingiber zerumbet. We can also add other ingredients such as fennel, turmeric, kedawung seeds (Parxia roxburgi), cinnamon and tamarind. If you want to make it less bitter, you can add sugar or palm sugar.

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