Health Benefits of Jackfruit

nutritional values of jackfruit

Jackfruit is a quite unique tropical fruit. Its skin is thorny, while there are beautiful fibers inside. Those fibers are its meat wrapped with sticky sap. It has unique smell and tastes quite sweet. Jackfruit contains many vitamin, mineral and fiber.

What are nutrition values that this fruit has? As quoted from, here are some of nutrition values of Jackfruit:

Vitamin C

Apparently, Jackfruit is rich of vitamin C. This vitamin can protect our body from bacterial infection as well as improves our body immune system. It also keeps the number of white blood cell stable.

If you are nervous or tired, you can eat this fruit to keep you calm.

Phyto nutrition

This nutrition is effective to fight cancer. Phyto nutrition in jackfruit are lignans, isoflavone and saponin that work as anti-cancer and anti-aging.


Fiber is very important to digestive system health. That’s why consume jackfruit can help you clean intestine and improve digestive system.

nutritional values of jackfruit

Vitamin A

Vitamin A in jackfruit can help improve vision also quality hair and skin. This fruit can be a good source of vitamin A.

Low cholesterol

This fruit contains low cholesterol, so it is safe for people with heart disease or high cholesterol.


Its potassium content can help balancing our blood pressure.


This nutrition is useful to strengthen bones and gives nutrition to them. Magnesium itself helps calcium absorption maximum, so it will prevent bones disorder or diseases.

So, isn’t it nice to enjoy this sweet, unique fruit while we gain its health benefit as well?

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