Has Traditional Medicine been Clinically Proven?

Traditional medicine has been looked as an alternative for modern medicine. People think that traditional medicine or home remedy is safe to use for long-term usage. But, has this natural remedy been clinically proven?

Chairman of National Commission of Jamu Scientific, Dr. Siswanto MHP DTM, revealed that there are four formulas of jamu (Indonesian traditional medicine) that its benefits and usages have been proven scientifically. There are anti diabetes, anti uric acid, anti hypertension and anti cholesterol.

He asked society to be careful when they consume traditional medicines. This is because not all of them have been proven clinically.

traditional jamu-indonesian traditional medicine
Two traditional jamu sellers in Indonesia.

“Scientific verification of jamu cannot be done quickly,” he said to journalists in International Conference Research and Application on Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Health Care that was held by Pharmacy Department in University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) in UMS Auditorium, Solo, Indonesia, Friday (22/6/2012).

The verification of jamu’s benefits scientifically cannot be done quickly, he said because research takes a long time and the methodology should be strong. So, people can trust the research results.

He explained that jamu generally are divided into three categories. They are traditional jamu, standardized herbal and phytopharmaca. Traditional jamu usually has benefits to maintain health and prevent sickness.

Standardized herbal is produced with standardized ingredients and has been undergone preclinical test on animals. While phytopharmaca has been undergone preclinical test and clinical test, so its benefits are clear.

If someone who to consume traditional medicine, he suggested that he should consume it proportionally and with mindset to maintain his health. If there is a claim that certain traditional medicines could cure certain diseases, Siswanto suggested that people should be aware. If they consume wrong herb, it could be fatal for their live.

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