Go Hyun Jung’s Texture, Documentary of Korean Beauty Secrets

Korean celebrities are very famous nowadays  all around the world. This is because they have unique styles than any other celebrities from other countries. Korean celebrities have different fashion styles, hair styles and well-known from their beauties and handsomeness. Some fans are obsessed with them and want to know how to have their beauties and handsomeness.

Lucky for the fans, some Korean actresses are willing to share their secrets. One of them was Go Hyun Jung. She was well known for her characters like Queen Seon Duk and Mul Dae in Korean TV Series.

Before that, Hyun Jung was a former runner up of Miss Korea in 1995. This woman still looks gorgeous and ageless even she is in her 43. In 2011, Go Hyun Jung released her documentary titled Go Hyun Jung’s Texture. The documentary contains her beauty tips and it became best-seller just in two days after it was released.

Beauty tips that she applies consist of three main steps: foods, cleaning and skin care. Hyun Jung herself avoids salty and spicy foods. Meanwhile, she likes to drink wine tea. Foods are very influential on our bodies, so we need to make sure that the foods we eat provide the nutrition that our bodies need.

For the cleansing process, Hyun Jung avoids to touch her face with her hands. She also washes her face from the back of the ears, jaws and the center of face. She prefers to use warm water to wash her face after she uses facial foam. To remove acne, Hyun Jung uses natural way by washing her face with warm water.

Go Hyun Jung
Go Hyun Jung

For skin care, Go Hyun Jung emphasizes the usage of cosmetic products for two months. After two months, she suggests that the products should not be used anymore. This is to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the products. For neck cream, she uses it from the central area of her neck with c shaped movements. These tips of course are very useful for ladies who want to have ageless face like her. And, the tips are easy to implement. Thanks to the documentary, many women feel helped  improve their appearances both naturally and using face care products.

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