Ginger Diet Promise to Help You Lose 2.2 Pounds in a Week


Do you like to drink ginger beverages? Then, you are lucky since ginger has various health benefits: it’s anti-inflammation, detoxification and improves your digestive system. And now, research that was done by scientists in Institute for Human Nutrition, Columbia University found that added hot ginger beverages in our diet, would prolong satiety. So, in other word, ginger could help your diet.

As quoted from, the study found that ginger could help you control your appetite better. There were other benefits of ginger: increased body thermal effect, strengthen metabolism, as detoxification and improved fat burning process. The thermal function is the body ability to burn fat and changes it into energy.

Basically, the thermal effect is important because more energy that is used to process foods, more calories are burned. By consuming foods that can increase thermal effect, your body works in similar way when you are working out for two hours.

ginger tea as home remedy for stress

Drinking ginger beverages can keep your body warm and improves fat burning. Drinking two or four cups of ginger beverages a day also has diuretic effect, and removes toxic from body.

Ginger tea diet method


-2 cloves of fresh ginger or red ginger. Roast briefly.

-Green tea or black tea

-Palm sugar


Brew tea in hot water, add sliced ginger, and palm sugar as much as you want. Drink while it is still warm.

First day

On the first day, drink a cup of ginger in the morning before or after breakfast. This method is very easy, repeat it at lunch and dinner. The best way is to drink 1-4 cups a day.

Second day until the seventh day

Keep drinking ginger tea in the morning. You should avoid greasy foods at the lunch. Eat boiled vegetables. Consume enough fruits at the dinner. Try not to eat four hours before sleeping.

This ginger diet very suitable for people who often to suffer cold and constipation. This diet is ideally done in rainy season, or winter. With this diet, you can lose weight while you keep yourselves warm.

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