Get enough iron when you’re on diet

Diet has been a part of our modern lifestyle. Most people take a decision to do diet to get ideal body shape, also for the health benefits it offers. Consuming healthy food such as vegetables and fruits still dominate menus on most diet programs. It makes people who follow diet program avoid to eat meat or fish, so they suffer iron deficiency.

Actually, eating meat and fish when we are on diet is very recommended because both contain many iron and animal protein that are very useful for our bodies. One research revealed that lack of iron when people are on diet can endanger women health. Survey that was done by National Diet and Nutrition Survey mentioned that fourth women in the UK suffered iron deficiency, especially when they were on diet.

The study, which was quoted by, concluded that people who didn’t consume food contain iron eventually would feel depressed, fatigue, and ability declination in absorbing information. To fulfill our need of animal protein when we are on diet, you can consume beef, chicken, oyster, also various fish.

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