Garlic to Cure Cough (Productive and Dry)

garlic-home remedy for toothache

Cough can be very annoying for our daily activity, especially if you have to be in public places and have daily contact to many people. Cough can be caused by many reasons. The most common cause is virus.

Cold virus can attack any time especially when cold weather comes and body is not fit enough or too tired, so body immune system weakened. People who suffer  cough usually have fever, sore throats, nasal congestion, sneezing, etc. Cold and cough can heal automatically if you take a rest properly and eat nutritious foods. However, cold and cough could get worsen. There is cough with phlegm (productive cough) and dry cough (non-productive) without phlegm.

garlic-home remedy for toothache

To deal with various coughs naturally, you can use raw garlic. Garlic is a natural remedy for cough since it contains anti-microbe, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, antiviral and also a good expectorant. So, eating raw garlic will help you kill bacteria that cause cough and release phlegm. If you don’t like to chew raw garlic, you can boil two cloves of garlics with one tablespoon of oregano. Just drink the concoction. You can also add one tablespoon of honey to the concoction. If you can chew raw garlic, then chew 4 to 8 cloves of raw garlics. Try to reach the maximum number (8).

After that, drink a lot of water to combat the smell in your mouth.

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