Fruit Ointment to Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

papaya and pregnancy

Having beautiful breasts is a dream of most women. That’s why many celebrities are using implant to get bigger breasts. Some others try to use chemical medicine to make their breasts larger.

While each method above has its own risk and relatively expensive that sometimes it’s not worth it to try. So, how do you get bigger breasts naturally without have to waste money or endanger your own life?

Actually we can make our own ointment to get the result that we want. This ointment is made from fruits like papaya and mangosteen. It doesn’t contain any chemical substance and relatively free of side-effects. If you don’t think it works like the way you want, you can just stop. Does it sound good enough for you? So, let’s proceed!


How to make papaya ointment:


-2 mangosteens

-10 gram of green algae

-1/4 of one whole papaya fruit


-Take mangosteens’ skins and wash them, then dry them. After they dry, blend or crush them.

-Wash the papaya with warm water, then blend it with blender.

– Mix green algae, refined mangosteen skin and papaya juice into one bowl. Now, you should have an ointment or paste.

-Apply the ointment 30 minutes before you shower, then clean it.

-You can also add scrub and honey to smoothing skin and remove dead skin cells around your breasts.

-Don’t forget to eat papaya every day.

Why do we choose papaya and mangosteen?

Papaya is chosen because it has enzyme that naturally tighten and make your breast elastic.  This tropical fruit is also enriched with fastener hormone and vitamin A to stimulate female hormone and stimulates ovary to release estrogen and progesterone hormones. Those hormones make mammary gland works properly, thus makes breasts have ideal shape.

While mangosteen skin is chosen because it contains anthocyanin compound that has a powerful antioxidant called xanthones. This antioxidant can prevent body organ aging process, heart diseases, cancer, and blindness as well as improve body immune system. Xanthones nature are anticancer, antibacterial, and anti-inflammation.


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