Foods and drinks that can trigger stress

Foods that have high salinity and fat are foods that can trigger stress. Why? It’s because these foods can spur stress hormone production, which is cortisol. That hormone will slow down serotonin, which affects mood because it has calm effect and control anxiety. Other effect of cortisol is that it causes the release of neuropeptide Y hormone and galanin hormone. Both of them cause addiction that make people want to consume fatty foods and sweets. The effect is people will have constant bad mood.

Fast foods such as nugget, meatball, sausage or canned foods are other foods that can cause stress because these foods contain salt and fat. Simple carbohydrate such as bread, noodle or trans fats are also foods that can trigger stress.

Besides foods, what we drink also can cause stress. Alcoholic drinks, coffee also drinks that contain high caffeine are not good for your emotions. Reduce those drinks so you can reduce your stress.

Foods and drinks that can reduce stress.

There are foods and drinks that can cause stress. But, nature also provides us foods and drinks that can reduce it. Foods that contain vitamin B, Omega 3, folate acid, magnesium and vitamin C can reduce stress. When you choose antioxidant foods will help you have a better memory and also reduce stress.

Avocado, banana, tuna, salmon, sardine, milk, and yogurt contain vitamin B. While folate acid can be gained from oatmeal, orange or asparagus. Magnesium can help you sleep tight, can be gained from almond, spinach or tofu. While, vitamin C can be found on fruits such as orange, kiwi, guava or strawberry.

To get benefits that you want, you should combine your foods. On mealtimes, choose foods that contain protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrate. Good combinations can make blood sugar stable and reduce desire to eat snack.

After you know what kind of foods that can reduce stress, you need to know what kind of drinks that reduce stress. Mineral water and tea can help you reduce stress. Just drink 2 liter or 8 glasses of mineral water a day or drink a glass of tea can help calm your heart.

After you know what kind of foods and drinks that can trigger or reduce stress, now it’s time for us to make smart decisions about what we eat. Eat slowly and enjoy your foods with grateful heart.

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