F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are many questions related with home remedy such as Jamu. For example, how long does a natural remedy will take effect? Or is it safe to give Jamu to our children? To address those questions, we make a list contains those questions.  This list below will be updated every time we find a new question that hasn’t been addressed here.

Q & A: List of Important Questions About Jamu

What is Indonesian Traditional Medicine?

Traditional Medicine vs Conventional Medicine

How to Prepare Jamu Ingredients in the proper and safe ways

Is Jamu Safe to consume by our children?

Has Jamu been clinically proven?

It is always safe to consume Jamu?

Can We Drink  Jamu while We Take  Conventional Medicine?

Is it safe to mix jamu beverages?

Is it safe to mix jamu with conventional/ chemical medicines?

Are pregnant mothers allowed to consume jamu?

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