Face Shop Released Anti Aging Product Made From Red Ginseng

Ginseng is well known as a plant that has many benefits for our bodies. For instance, it reduces high blood pressures and high cholesterol. But, apparently it also has other benefits for skin beauty and not only for stamina and health.

You can experience the benefits of ginseng for skin on the newest products of The Face Shop. The body treatment brand from Korea released two series of premium products with the exclusive plant as basic ingredient. They are Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Gingseng and Myeonghan Miindo Hwansaenggo.

“We have two series of newest products and use ginseng. Ginseng in Korea is a luxury. Ginseng has saponin content that is useful to regenerate skin, which is suitable for women in their 30s and as well for women above 25 year old if there are fine lines on their skins,” Yeni Oh, sales manager Face Shop Indonesia, said to Wolipop at Excelso, Plaza Indonesia, Tuesday (3/24).

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Both of them are focusing on anti-aging treatment. They contain 6 year old red ginseng, which is believed as the best ginseng. It contains saponin that is effective to regenerate and slows down the aging process.

Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade that is packaged in a bottle. Besides ginseng, it has a rare Natural Pine Mushroom, which is also useful to regenerate skin. The product consists of toner, essence, emulsion, eye cream and facial cream.

Meanwhile, for you who want to reduce wrinkles as well as brighten face, you can try Myeonghan Myeonghan Miindo Hwansaenggo on purple package. Besides ginseng, it has a rare golden pine leaf oil. Also, it has an additional composition that is useful to brighten facial skin, 24-carat gold extract.

Besides that, there are Korean herbal concoctions that can improve skin expression and brightness. They are lingshi mushroom, cordyceps and also prickly pear. This product consists of gold toner, gold ampule serum, gold emulsion, gold eye cream and gold cream.

“Korean products always need to follow step-by-step process. So, it is better to use according to the sequence for maximum results,” Yeni added.

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