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jamu drinks

When younger Indonesians think about jamu, they usually dislike it because they only know it for its bitter taste. To change this perception, Made Ayu Aryani made Reina Herbal Drink Cafe in April 2012. This cafe offers jamu or Indonesian herbal medicine with various tastes.

“Special for children, there are jamu with various flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, orange and wine,” Ayu said to Terasolo.com, Saturday (16/3). This cafe; which is located in Ronggowarsito Street No.10, Kampung Baru, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia; also provides menu for teenagers and adults with different dosage and herbal compositions. “In Reina Cafe, we divide menu into five categories according to customers’ ages and to ease them to choose the menu, we provide catalog contains the compositions and ingredients of each menu,” she said.

The prices of jamu drinks in Reina Cafe  range between $0.51 to $0.85. Besides jamu beverages, they also sell foods such as roasted rice, pulung rice, ongklok noodle, turmeric fried rice with various herbs. “For foods, the cheapest is mendoan tempeh that is sold for $0.30. It’s different with other tempeh since we remove its purine or the substance that trigger uric acid, so it’s healthy,” Ayu added.

jamu drinks
Jamu drinks on Reina Herbal–Diskon.com

Ayu always does some innovations both on the herbal menu or cafe development. There were new menus such as Carica ice and Noodle ice, which were served uniquely, and still contained herbal components. Besides that, Ayu is opening a branch in Jogyakarta. She is also planning to open some branches in Bandung and Jakarta.

Jamu for modern lifestyle

Ayu confessed that jamu beverages in her cafe are guaranteed in health qualities since the recipes are handled by her mother, Retno Hernayani (61). Her mother has been working for 30 years in research field for one of the biggest jamu producers in Indonesia. “We share tasks, I work particularly for cafe concept and mama is working on the jamu process since she knows herbal plants better,” she said.

The name “Reina” was taken from Retno, her mother’s name, and Indra, her brother’s name and Ayu, her own name. It marks three generations which are children, youth and old generations that all consume the Indonesian home remedies. While the logo colors symbolize two things, brown for herbal and traditional, and the various colors for modernization and generations.

Ayu confessed that she wanted to bring the herbal cafe concept to international just as coffee shop concept from western countries that is popular in Indonesia. To realize this, she does promotions through social media and friend networking. “The plan is cafe promotions with education about the health benefits of jamu, which is done monthly,” she said. From the education, she hoped society would understand the benefits of these Indonesian home remedies and started to take them as a part of their lifestyle.



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