Drink Coffee Reduce Breasts Size?

Drinking coffee for most people is something that they must do every day. Coffee with its caffeine can give extra energy and refresh our sleepy eyes. Not to mention that it is easy to prepare this drink: pour it with a glass of hot water. No wonder many people like to drink it. But, do you know that drinking caffeinated coffee could reduce breasts size?

Research result from Lund University, Sweden showed that women who regularly drank coffee and ate caffeinated food risked to loss their breasts volumes. As written by Genius Beauty, more than 3000 women participated in this research. Some participants drank coffee regularly, while the other participants didn’t.

In the end of research, it was revealed that women who drank more than three glasses of coffee every day would loss eight percent of their breasts volume. In other words, their breasts shrank. Scientists believed that it was caused by genetic changes. Gen that interacted with the drink would cause breasts volume changes. This mutated gen was found in almost 50 percent of women.

home remedy to ehance breasts
Areca nuts can be used to maintain breasts beauty.

This reaction happened when women drank caffeinated drink, so researchers suggested that women who wanted to maintain their breasts volumes to reduce the consumption of coffee and other caffeinated products.

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