Don’t Insert Jamu to Your Femininity

Katuk leaves

After childbirth, mothers usually use jamu as parem (a pulp that is applied on skin). Whether it is applied in stomach or forehead. For instance, they make parem from rice and aromatic ginger (Kaempferia galanga) or beras kencur to treat fatigue and sores. The active substances in beras kencur will sink in skin, penetrate and flow in blood. Muscles will be relaxed. “This kind of parem is analgetic or anti-pain,” Dr. Hj. Hasnah Siregar, Sp.OG said.

Besides that, there is childbed jamu that is be drunk and in a powder form that is inserted to vagina. “The last method is common in certain areas, it has a purpose to make vagina dries and shrinks it. However, this kind of jamu can be dangerous and makes vagina sticky or synechiae,” Hasnad said. The most important, Hasnah said is to maintain health and fitness during pregnancy and after childbirth it is important to maintain the hygiene.

Hasnah suggested that after childbirth, mothers focus to drink jamu to improve breast milk productions, especially jamu that is made from katuk leaves (like jamu uyup-uyup or gepyokan). While for mothers who want to get their shape back, it is better to do aerobic or cardio and have a balanced diet rather than depend on any drink or drugs.



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