(DIY) Korean Facial Massage To Prevent Wrinkles

facial massage

Apparently, Korean women have one effective way to prevent and get rid of wrinkles on faces: facial massage. This facial massage technique is actually a traditional technique that has been done for centuries, then later it is used by expensive beauty salons. Those salons modify the technique and turn it into a beauty treatment that can prevent premature aging and even to tighten skin and make skin looks fresher.

The main function of this traditional Korean massage is to prevent wrinkles on face and to make faces tighten.

facial massage
Facial Massage.

How to do the traditional Korean massage:

-Start it with washing your face entirely. Wet your face with warm water, then apply exfoliating scrub.

-Massage your face with circular motion from the inside to the outside.

-Wash your face with cold water and dry it with a towel

-To dry your face with a towel, use it to tap your face until it dries.

-Light massage entire face area start from neck.

-To make it easier, you can use olive oil or jojoba oil. Remember to use circular motion from cheeks to forehead.

-Use light pressure by using the tips of fingers. Massage your face for 2-3 minutes.

-Use the back of your hands to put pressure on your cheeks

-Lift the skin on chin area to prevent double chin and to tighten it.

-Massage the forehead using your index finger and middle finger with a bit stronger pressure.

-Repeat this movement on your eyes areas and nose area

-Do this massage for 10-15 minutes, twice a week to get the best result.

Say good-bye to dull skin and wrinkles on your face.

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