Diet: How Korean Artist Park Bo Ram Lose 32 Kg

Park Bo Ram was one of Superstar K2 contestants and a Korean artist. This pretty girl had a problem with her weight when she started her career as an artist. In the beginning, Park Bo Ram was overweight. But, with a strong determination, girl who was born in 1987 could reduce her weight. So, what was her secret?

As quoted from, Park Bo Ram shared her daily menu from her diet. While most artists hide their diet secret to lose their weights, she was willing to share it to help other women to reduce their weights. In two years, Park Bo Ram managed to lose 32 kg.

“In the beginning, it was hard, but after I did it, I realized that regular exercise and eat enough are main keys to lose our weight in healthy ways. Everyone should have better knowledge about workout and diet,” she said.

Park Bo Ram (Source:
Park Bo Ram (Source:

She also shared examples of her daily menu. Here is one example of her daily menu:

8:00 am:

1 tomato, 120-150 gram yam, 100 gram chicken breast (grilled or steamed), salad without mayonaise.

10:00 am:


12: 00

Salad, chicken breast, diet drink riches in fiber and vitamin

3: 00 pm

1 banana, 3 white eggs, 1 yolk

6: 00 pm

1 yam, 1 chicken breast, vegetables

9:00 pm

1 banana, 2 white eggs, 1 yolk, 3 walnuts

Besides controlling her calories intake, Park also exercised. Diet will be successful if people also exercise regularly. Cardio and lifting weight are two effective exercises to lose weights. That’s why Park Bo Ram now has a slim and tight body. This girl also confessed that she was more active and felt energized even she had tight schedules.

The real story of Park Bo Ram could be a motivation for you, especially if you want to lose your weights.

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