Cure Constipation with These Home Remedies

Almost everyone ever suffered constipation. Some people think that they have constipation if they don’t defecate regularly. While there is no rule about how many times people should defecate every week or every day.

There are various things that can cause constipation. Diet lacks of fiber, lack of liquid, lack of sport also laxative dependence, stroke and colon problem.

Some medicines also can be the causes especially drugs from narcotics, antacid that contains aluminum and calcium, hypertension medicine, anti-depressant, iron supplement, anti-Parkinson, etc.

Take laxative regularly to cure constipation is not a recommended thing to do. Not only does it will make you dependence, but it also has negative effects for your body because intestine is stimulated to work unnaturally.

aloe vera
So, if you have constipation, try to drink mineral water at least 2-4 glasses a day. You can also eat papaya. The tropical fruit contains papain that can soften feces. If this way doesn’t work, you can also try other natural remedies below:

1. Wungu  leaves (Graptophyllum pictum (L). Griff)

Wungu leaves (in several literatures it is called as purple leaves) contains alkaloid non toxic, glycoside, steroid, saponin, tannin and phlegm. Saponin works as a natural mild laxative.

How to use it: Take seven fresh wungu leaves; boil them in two glasses of water. Wait until the water only one glass left. Strain it and then, drink it.

2. Kejibeling (Strobilanthes crispus Bl)

Kejibeling contains chemical such as potassium, silicic acid, sodium, calcium, and several other substances. Besides that, kejibeling has laxative effect and diuretic effect so it will be good for people who have constipation.

How to use it: Take a handful of fresh kejibeling leaves. Wash them clean. Then, boil them in two glasses of water. Wait until there is only one glass of water left. Strain the water and drink it.
3. Ketepeng Cina (Cassia alata L.)

Ketepeng Cina leaves contains tanning substance that is laxative. Besides that, this plant also has spicy taste, warm. It is also insecticidal, and can be used to as deworming drug, skin disorder drug that is caused by skin parasite. Pharmacology effect especially is gained from its leaves.

How to use it: Take 7 leaves of ketepeng cina, boil them with two glasses of water. Wait until there is only one glass of water left. Strain the water and drink it.
4. Aloe Vera

Besides it is useful to treat hair and cure wound, aloe Vera also works as laxative. Its sap is a powerful cleaning agent. But, the strong laxative content, anthraquinone, sometimes can cause diarrhea and colon cramps. That’s why you should be careful to use it. It is suggested that you should consult to an herbalist.

Aloe Vera also contains other chemical substances such as aloin, barbaloin, isobarbaloin, aloe-emodin, and aloesin.

How to use it: Take a half stick of aloe Vera. Wash it clean. Then, peel it and chop it up and put it on a glass. Pour out hot water to the glass. Add one tablespoon of honey and mix them. Drink it twice a day.

Remember that this drink is not for pregnant women, people with diarrhea and menstruating women.

5. Mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia L.)

Mengkudu is called as magical fruit. It is because there are many benefits we can get from it. It contains alkaloid triterpenoid and morindon, a red colored substance that works as laxative.

How to use it: Wash two mengkudu and grate them. Add a bit salt to the pulp and the squeeze them. Drink the juice twice per day.



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