Curcumin in Temulawak and Turmeric Can Protect Liver

In therapeutic treatment for liver disease, herbal medicines are often used as supporting therapies. Gastroenterohepatology consultant at RSCM dr Irsan Hasan SpPD-KGEH gave some examples of those herbal were temulawak (curcuma xanthorrhiza) or Java ginger and turmeric.

But Irsan noted that curcumin usage couldn’t just eradicate Hepatitis B virus. “Curcumin cannot destroy the virus, but it can protect liver cells or hepatoprotective,” dr Irsan Hasan said in “SOHO #BetterU: Hari Hepatitis Sedunia” event in Jakarta, Tuesday (15/7) as quoted by Berita Satu.

The benefits of those herbal have been being published in various scientific journals. Irsan explained that curcumin has antioxidant effect against hepatotoxic agents such as tetrachloride (CCI4), galactosamine, and aflatoxin.

“Curcumin effect can suppress oxidative stress in liver, suppress formation of proinflammatory cytokines, also inhibit HSC activation that is triggered by various proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines,” dr Irsan said.

But, curcumin cannot destroy hepatitis B virus. Irsan suggested that people to do screening for Hepatitis B and HBsAg blood test as well as anti-HBs. So, they can find it earlier whether they have hepatitis B or not. The medication can be easier if the disease is found earlier.

“Most of chronic Hepatitis diseases don’t have symptoms. When you find out, it has already become fibrosis (scarring), cirrhosis or liver cancer. So, it’s very important to do screening (medical examination) and HBsAG blood test as well as anti-HBs test. If, there is no virus, it’s better vaccinated if you haven’t gotten Hepatitis B vaccine yet,” he explained.

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