Cumin to Cure Constipation

black cumin.

One of benefits of using traditional medicine is that it is cheaper and easier to get. However, it is as effective as conventional medicine, and sometimes it doesn’t have side-effects. One of those traditional medicines is the medicine based on cumin.

Cumin is one herb that can be found easily in markets and has various health benefits. Cumin even has been used since the ancient times as herbal medicine, including to treat constipation. This herbĀ  is also rich in vitamin and mineral.

black cumin.

Caraway seeds can help heal constipation because someone catches a cold. This is because caraway seeds are carminative, means that it can help strengthen digestion and help gas disposal from stomach.

Constipation itself happens when bad bacteria release certain gas in your intestine. Boil the seeds and drink the warm boiled water, it will help hinder bad bacteria growth in stomach and enables good bacteria to digest foods.

It has strong aroma that can reduce nausea. Its warm sensation can help respiratory relief. Besides boiling or brewing, you can chew a handful of cumin seeds after you ate to prevent constipation. If you don’t like to chew them because their bitter taste, you can add one tablespoon of honey. You can also add honey in the concoction.

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