Cranberry Juice as Home Remedy for Bad Breath and High Cholesterol


Cranberry is one of those most wanted fruits due to its health benefits. This fruit also can be consumed as healthy snack in the evening, served as juice, or sauce on your desserts.

Its fitonutrient that works as anti-oxidant can protect body from various diseases. This fruit also riches of vitamin C, calcium, sodium, phosphor, beta carotene and fiber. Here are some health benefits of cranberry:

Cranberry can help your weight loss program.

Prevent breast cancer

Cranberry is effective to prevent breasts cancer and also colon cancer. Flavonoid and quercetin proanthocyanidins that is anti-cancer substance, powerful to hinder cancel cells growth in human body.

Prevent high cholesterol and heart diseases

This fruit can keep your heart healthy. Like other berries, cranberry can manage your cholesterol levels, so it will prevent heart disease risk. Consuming it regularly also helps reduce high blood pressure and prevent blood clotting.

Cure urinary disorder and liver

Another benefit of cranberry also can cure urinary tract infection especially on women. Its juice can hinder bacteria to enter your urinary tracts. This fruit also can cure kidney stone naturally thanks to its quinic acid content that works to break phosphor and calcium, the cause of kidney stone.

Deal with bad breath

You are suggested eating some cranberry a fruit if you want your bad breath goes away. This fruit can also kill bacteria that stuck on teeth.

Slim your body

There are many people who follow diet program. If you are one of them, then put cranberry juice as your daily menu. This fruit is believed can burn fat in your body, so it can accelerate weight loss process.



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