Coriander Ointment as Home Remedy for Skin Irritation

coriander, natural remedy for skin irritation

Skin friction because of sweat or itchy often to cause irritation on skin surface. To cure this condition you can use  natural ingredients such as coriander as replacement for anti-inflammation ointment.

These round spices with small sizes usually are used as complementary ingredient for food seasoning. Whereas, coriander has many health benefits.

Herbal practitioner from Jogjakarta, Bagus Saputra said that beside as food seasoning, we could use coriander as a home remedy for another diseases and not only limited for skin irritation. But, there were only few people who knew their benefit as home remedy for skin irritation.

“Many people don’t know, but they can be used to prevent nausea, help digestive problems, and reduce blood sugar level,” he said.

Coriander can be used as natural ointment for skin irritation

This food seasoning, he said, could be used as external usage or internal usage. For external usage, we should refine them first, while for internal usage could be done by boiling them in water. Then, we could drink it.

According to Bagus, coriander performance as natural ointment for skin irritation would be more powerful when they were mixed with another ingredients such as avocado and lemon.

These three natural ingredients had good benefits for our skin. “Coriander and avocado has oil property, and lemon juice contains high vitamin C that is good for skin humidity,” Bagus explained.

To make the ointment, mixed one teaspoon of coriander with juice from one lemon and half of avocado meat. After you mixed them all and refined them, smeared it on the unhealthy skin.

Just as when we used mask, let the ointment there until it dried. “You should wait for about 15 minutes and 20 minutes. After it dries, you can wash your skin with warm water. It is similar with when you use face mask,” Bagus explained.

Skin surface would be felt dry and rough after you used this natural ointment. To gain maximum result, this medication should be done many times at least twice a day.

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