Control Diabetes with Mung Beans

As we know, people who have diabetes need to maintain healthy diet and control their sugar intakes. And for people who have health history where their parents or grandparents suffered diabetes, they also need to be more careful about their diet. If you careless and just eat whatever you want, then the risk to suffer diabetes will be higher.

One food that we can use to control diabetes earlier is mung beans. According to, mung beans are rich in fiber and nutrition. It is also low in glycemic level, so it’s ideal for diabetes type 2 or diabetes mellitus. More than that, mung beans can also prevent rise in blood sugar level.

Mung Beans (Shutterstock).
Mung Beans (Shutterstock).

It will reduce blood sugar level and strengthen insulin as well as reduces cardiovascular diseases. You can try to make mung bean porridge or add mung bean sprouts on your menu to your foods and you can maintain your heart health and control your diabetes.

So, don’t feel hesitant to add mung beans on your menu if you suffer diabetes or want to prevent diabetes. Of course, be careful not to add too much sugar on your mung beans porridge because it can undo the health benefits.

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