Combat Stress with Ginger Tea

ginger tea as home remedy for stress

Riches with antioxidant content, a cup of warm ginger tea could the answer that we were looking to combat annoying stress.

Besides being drunk, inhaled the aroma of ginger tea can restore our mood, reduce stress and improve digestion health and food absorption.

Gastric acid is one of important parts in digestion process and when we are stressed, its production often get disturbed. To handle this, pour out warm water to one cup and add a slice of lemon and ginger.

“Ginger can work as stimulator of the senses of taste and stimulates digestive secretions,” nutritionist Alice Mackintosh said.

ginger tea as home remedy for stress

She explained, ginger contained strong antioxidant: gengerol, which helped clean dangerous chemicals that were produced when we were worried. “Ginger also can be stress reliever,” she said.

Another benefit of ginger that cannot be underestimated is as nausea and throw up reliever in first stage of pregnancy, reduces inflammation, fights against respiratory diseases, and helps blood circulatory.

For women, ginger can also be relied to reduce stomach ache when they have menstruation. Here’s how to use ginger to combat stomach ache and menstruation: soak small towel in warm water that contains ginger. Put the towel on stomach for few minutes.


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