Cleanse Your Body from Nicotine with Roselle Flowers


Rosella or Roselle (Hisbiscus sabdariffa L) from hibiscus family has various health benefits for human. Each part of this plant starts from its flowers, its leaves and its seeds all is useful. This plant can grow up to 3 and 5 meter and produces flower for one whole year. Rosella flowers have bright color with crimson petals. Its petals can be processed into foods that have sour taste.

The petals can be processed into beverages, jelly, sauce, powder (tea) or Rosella or candy. Some people use rosella to treat laryngitis. They mix rosella powder with honey and drink the beverage regularly, twice a day for two weeks, and the laryngitis will be healed.


Roselle flowers.

According to Health Department of Indoneia, every 100 gram of rosella contains 260-280 mg of vitamin C, Vitamin D, B1 and B2. Its vitamin C content is three times more than grape, 9 times more than orange and 10 times more than starfruit and 2,5 times more than guava. Its calcium content is 486mg/100g. It also has omega 2, magnesium, beta carotene, as well as essential amino acids such as lysine and agrinine that are good for the digestive system.

It can be consumed every day safely and often to be used as medicines. Various diseases can be prevented or healed if we consume it regularly. Those diseases that can be treated with rosella are cancer, kidney stones, high blood pressure and it even can reduce alcohol absorption.

Not only that, it can also remove nicotine poison from our bodies, so it is a good medicine for smokers.

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