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Chocolate to Treat Grey Hair

Ricahrdo Vila Nova from Urban Retreat in Harrods explained that there are many foods that help maintain hair health so it won’t be grey. For example, we can consume chocolate to prevent grey hair.

Chocolate is well known as a food that can improve melanin production in hair and skin. So, we can consume it as grey hair treatment, Daily Mail wrote.

We can consume red meat to handle hair loss. Red meat contains iron that helps stream oxygen in our blood to whole body. It is helpful for hair since it will strengthen hair root and prevent hair breakage and hair loss.

Hair breakage is a symptom that you lack of iron. To prevent that, you can consume red meat twice a week. For vegetarians, they can consume tofu and seeds that rich of iron.

chocolate, grey hair treatment

If you want smooth and strong hair, you can consume salmon that riches with omega-3 and omega-6. Fatty acid in the fish helps moisten and hydrates scalp as well as maintain scalp’s elasticity. And, if you want to have shinny hair, try to consume avocado and walnut.

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