Cecendet or Ciplukan Can Reduce Pain From Lupus

Cecendet plant for most people is unheard. This plant has other name, Ciplukan. This plant grows wildly in various places in Indonesia. Recently, this wild plant becomes the most wanted because people begin to know that it has various health benefits. Ciplukan apparently can be used to treat various diseases.

Even according to research that was done by non profit NGO Lupus Care Syamsi Dhuha Foundation (SDF), working together with Farmadi ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung) and Kedokteran Universitas Padjadjaran, Ciplukan extract was proven to be effective to reduce pain from Lupus.

The research took one year and finally there was a positive result. They collaborated with Kimia Farma to mass produce cecendet extract in forms of pills. This product was called Lesikaf.

SDF chairman Dian Syarief said that the cost for the research was Rp 500 Millions. They funded it themselves. The money was used for literature studies, pre clinical, clinical test to finally able to extract cecendet in a form that was safe and hygiene.

“We want these research results can be distributed to all areas. So, we collaborated with Kimia Farma for manufacturing,” Dian said after Lesikaf launching in Western Hall ITB, Sunday (6/5) as quoted from Detik
From research, it was proven that Lesikaf couldn’t heal but it could reduce pain on joints that Lupus patients felt.

“This has been being tested clinically and it wasn’t just an assumption. It’s on the form of herbal so it fits and safe,” he added.

Researcher Proff Elin Yulinsh said cecendet contained fisalin compound that was useful for anti inflammation.

“It is useful for reducing inflammation and reducing protein level in urine,” he said.

Elin added if it’s consumed regularly and continually it could improve life quality of Lupus patients. Moreover, it didn’t have side-effects.

Cecendet itself is also called Ciplukan, nyurnyuran or kopok-kopokan. Its Latin is physalis angulate. It grew wildly and could be found easily in Indonesia.

Now, it could be found in a form of capsules called Lesikaf. Lesikaf was sold for Rp 73, 000. People should take two capsules a day. , The inflammation on joints could be reduced by consuming it regularly.

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