Natural Remedies for Black Armpits

aloe vera

Blackened armpits must be a big deal for your appearance. Especially if you are someone who likes to wear a sleeveless T-shirt. If you already have blackened armpits, so no need to worry because there are many traditional ways to cope with the underarms that are blackened. 1. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is one of […]

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3 Natural Ways to Enlarge Breasts

There are various ways that women do to get beautiful curve. Besides having flat stomach and sexy hip, women usually want to enlarge their breasts. Most women confess that beautiful breasts can improve their confidences. There are several ways that we can do to create illusions that make people see that our breasts are beautiful. […]

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The Right Ways to Treat Skin with Lulur

homemade body scrub

The beauty of skin is important for most women. Skin conditions will have huge effects toward their overall appearances. Various ways are done to get smooth and bright skin. According to research that was done by a natural Asian body scrub company to several women , there were several factors that motivate women  to always […]

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Lotong Powder to Brighten Your Skin

lulur, indonesian traditional body scrub.

It is no longer a secret that Indonesian women have their own unique beauty. Each tribe in Indonesia has its own beauty secret that is passed down from generation to generation. And, this beauty secret finally comes in the form of modern cosmetic products in Indonesia. One of those beauty secrets is what Bugis tribe […]

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Noni Homemade Mask to Cure Acne

There were many researches about Noni fruit health benefits. Those researches suggested that this fruit was useful to cure various diseases such as tumor, cancer, heart disease, inflammation and allergy. There is an empirical data that suggests Noni is also useful to cure acne. Many people who tried to use this fruit reported that their […]

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