Q&A: List of Important Questions about Jamu

clay pot to cook traditional medicine

There are many questions people ask about herbal medicines. We compile some important questions into one article. If you don’t find answers for your questions, then you should check FAQ Page. Which is More Effective: Fresh Herbal or Dried Herbal? Herbal medicines such as jamu have various forms. According to research done by Health of […]

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Beware of Herbal Medicines Side-Effects

In these recent years, herbal therapy becomes a popular alternative healing procedure. But, we should be aware with the side-effects of herbal medicines. Even they are made from natural ingredients; they are still medicines and have side-effects. There was a story about a man with diabetes who suffered impotency after he regularly consumed bitter melon fruit […]

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Jamu Ice-Cream, A Fun Way to Enjoy Traditional Medicine

jamu ice cream

Jamu, as Indonesian traditional medicine, has various benefits especially for children. But, most Jamu recipes have bitter tastes that make children don’t want to consume them. But, now there is a new innovation to popularize this home remedy, which is jamu ice-cream. Ice-cream that is made using natural herbal and with the same health benefits. […]

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Is Meat Useful To Treat Low Blood Pressure?

sate kambing

Some people consume meat like goat meat as a natural remedy for hypotension or low blood pressure. Whereas, low blood pressure can be caused by various reasons and it is not always being treated by consuming goat meat. According to Dr. Ari Farial Syam, an internist, a low blood pressure can be caused by bleeding, […]

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Health Benefits of Noni Fruit (Part 1)

mengkudu, or noni, a remedy for diabetes

Medical research about Mengkudu or Noni (Morinda citrifolia ) was started at least in 1950, when scientific Pacific Science journal reported that Noni showed anti-bacterial nature to M.pryogenes, P. Aeruginosa and even deadly E.coli. Various studies and researches about Noni have been done by various research institutions and universities. Since 1972, Dr. Ralph Heinicke, renowned […]

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Health Benefits of Cashews


Cashews are not only delicious to eat as snacks. It is also safe to eat since it contains monounsaturated fat. In body, monounsaturated fat can be processed as saturated fat; helps reduce total cholesterol level and bad cholesterol level (LDL). One ounce cashews provide 20 percent of suggested daily fat. Cashews also rich of iron, […]

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Beauty Benefits of Turmeric


Turmeric is useful not only as spice, but it also has many health and beauty benefits. And, because of that, turmeric has been used since the ancient times. Turmeric can be used as cheap and natural alternative beauty treatment. So, what are the beauty benefits of turmeric? 1. Reduce skin pigmentation Its vitamin C content […]

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Fruits That Are Good For Pregnant Mothers

apple home remedy for hypertension

During first pregnancy, you must be selective choosing foods and should be more concern about your health. Healthy foods such as spinach, broccoli, yogurt, red paprika, oatmeal, nuts, egg and carrot are good for pregnant mothers. Then, how about fruits? Previously, we know that papaya apparently is not good for pregnant mothers. So, which fruits […]

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