Cassava is Effective To Treat These 6 Diseases

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Cassava (tapioca) is a popular rhizome plant in Indonesia, especially as a staple food in several areas in Indonesia. They usually consume the rhizome and leaves as foods. Apparently, cassava is also useful to cure diseases. It has several health benefits such as antioxidant, anti cancer, anti-tumor and can increase appetite. There are at least six diseases that can be cured quoted from


You can use cassava as a natural treatment for rheumatic both as internal or external medication. For external medication, use five leaves of Cassava with 15 gram of ginger. Blend them in a blender until become a paste and then, you can use the paste as ointment for areas where you suffer rheumatic.

For internal medication, you can use 100 gram of cassava stem, lemongrass, salt and 15 gram of ginger. Boil all of ingredients in 1000 cc of water. Wait until there is only left 400 cc of water, strain and drink the concoction once a day (200 cc per glass).

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You can use cassava rod to cure fever. Boil 60 gram of cassava stem and 300 gram of cassava leaves in 800 cc of water. Wait until there are only 400 cc of water left, strain and drink the water. For maximum result, you can only boil it twice per day.


Cassava also can be used to cure infected wound. Crush fresh cassava stem, and apply the paste to the areas of wounds. You can also grate the rod, apply the pulp on the wound and cover them with bandages. For wounds that are caused by hot object, squeeze cassava rhizome and apply the pulp on areas of wounds. Do this until the wounds dry.


To cure diarrhea or stomach pain, you can use cassava leaves. Boil 7 leaves of cassava with 800 cc of water, wait until only left 400 cc of water, strain and drink the concoction.


They who like to consume cassava leaves are lucky because they can avoid this disease. For they who suffer beriberi, they should consume 200 gram of cassava leaves as salad.

To improve stamina

To improve stamina, mix 100 gram of cassava root, 5 angco (Chinese palm dates) and water. To reduce the bitter taste, you can add honey.

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