Carrot as Home Remedy for Hair Growth

carrot juice

Carrot is well known as a useful vegetable for our eyes health. Besides that, vitamin A in carrot apparently is also useful to maintain hair health and to grow it.

In this vegetable, there are high beta-carotene. Darker its color, more its beta-carotene composition.

A nutritionist, Tri Hartono explained that in every 100 gram of carrot, we could get about 12,000 vitamin A. While in every 100 gram of carrot there are also protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin E.

carrot as home remedy

To grow our hair or to prevent hair loss, Tri Hartono said that our scalp need vitamin A and it can be obtained from carrot. “Carrot consumption can increase vitamin A intake, which eventually can keep our scalp healthy,” he said.

When our scalp healthy, its tissues will be strong to be gripping hair. So, we should consume carrot regularly.

How to use carrot as home remedy for hair growth?

Grate three carrots and squeeze the pulp. Take the water or the juice and rub it on your hair. Then, cover your hair with towel for several hours. It is better that you do this at night while you’re sleeping. So, the next morning, you could get up and wash your hair.
You should do this at least once to twice a week. Then, you should see your hair grow stronger, and healthier.
Apparently, carrot is not only useful to maintain our hair health and to prevent hair loss, but it also useful as detoxification, lower risk of prostate cancer, and reduce free radical effect.

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