Can We Drink Traditional Medicines While We Take Medicine?

ginger tea as home remedy for stress

Jamu as home remedy and natural medicine is safe to be consumed by anyone and in any condition. The most important thing to remember, drink jamu and medicine at the same time will not accelerate the healing process. You should consult it first to a doctor.

“Medicine is created to cure disease, while jamu to strengthen our physical health. Consume medicine and jamu at the same time will not accelerate the healing process,” Dr. Abidinsyah Siregar, DHSM, MKes, Director of Traditional, Alternative and Complementary Health in Health Ministry Indonesia  said as reported by

Generally, it is OK to drink jamu, as long as we consult it first with our doctors. Here, some caution that we should avoid certain types of natural remedies while we drink certain medicines:

1. Epilepsy medicine

Epilepsy patients who are taking anti-cramp medicines such as phenytoin, carbamazepine and fenobarbital should avoid jamu that contain Ginko Biloba. Green tea also should be avoided if they are taking carbamazepine.

2.  Anticoagulant drugs

Home remedies  that contain ginger, ginseng and ginko biloba have effect to thin blood, so it will enhance the effects of anticoagulant or drugs to prevent blood coagulation. You should avoid any natural medicines that contain the three ingredients when you drink aspirin and warfarin.

3. Antibioticsginger

Be careful to consume jamu that contain ginger if you take antibiotics such as sulfaguanidine. This antibiotic usually uses to treat gastrointestinal infections. The interactions between the antibiotic and ginger will enhance the drug absorption and side effects.

4. Heart medicine

Blood test result to detect certain heart drugs such as digoxin could be abnormal when someone takes ginseng. So, one should avoid to take ginseng when they are taking heart medicines.

5. Antidepressant or sedative

Ginseng can enhance the effect of antidepressant or sedative drugs especially phenelzine sulfate. If people take the medicine to reduce depression, the interactions with ginseng can turn the effect to happiness even manic episode that is the reserve of depression.


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