Can These Natural Ingredients Heal Cough?

Weathers in certain countries are changing rapidly. This condition makes people prone to have cough. Even though cough is a common disease and cannot be considered a dangerous disease, but it can disturb our activities.

It can also bother other people as we keep coughing. We don’t have always use chemical drugs to treat cough because they are side-effects. There are natural ingredients that can be used natural remedies to treat cough. Can these natural ingredients really heal cough? Let’s find out.


Lime contains essential oil that can control respiratory muscles so it can help relieving cough. Abdul Mun’im, Msi., PhD, a herbal expert from Herbal Doctoral Program at Pharmacy Department at FMIPA Indonesian University said that lime contains essential oil that can warm throats. To treat cough, you can mix lime with honey and a glass of warm water.


Some experts also said that ginger is diaphoretic, which means it can warm your body from the inside and makes you sweating. Besides that, ginger is effective to relieve cough and soothe throat. If you have cough, brew warm tea and mix it with sliced ginger that has been washed clean.

Kencur (aromatic ginger)

Kencur (aromatic ginger/ Kaempferia galanga) is believed can heal cough because it has anti-inflammation properties. Kencur also has essential oil, etulsinaman, Methyl-p-methoxycinnamate, and trans cinnamic acid. Several experts said that chewing kencur can help relieve cough.

You can try to make jamu beras kencur (rice aromatic ginger jamu), a traditional remedy to treat cough.

Legundi leaves

Legundi leaves (Vitex trifolia L.) contains flavonoid, which are viteksikarpin dan vitetrifolin that can soothe respiratory tract. This plant, which has purple flowers, is usually boiled with ginger and turmeric to treat cough.

Saga leaves (Abrus precatorius)

Saga leaves (Abrus precatorius) is known as Crab’s eye, or crab’s eye creeper, cock’s eyes leaves etc. The leaves have various therapic effects such as anti-inflammation, wound healing and inflammation of the throat. The substance found in the leaves has antitussive effects.


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