Can These Home Remedies Really Remove Acne?

It is annoying when our faces are full of acne. Acne can be a big problem for women and men. We will do various treatments to get rid of acne. From expensive cosmetic products to some home remedies.

No wonder there are various myths about how we can get rid of acne. Some of these ways are no making sense. Surprisingly, some people tried them and some of them worked. So, which methods that actually work and which methods that don’t work?


Some people say we can use toothpaste as face mask to get rid of acne. But, apparently toothpaste can dry skins, which will be bigger problems than acne themselves. If you use toothpaste and apply it on acne, it will sting and burn your skins.

Lemon juice

Antiseptic property in lemon juice is believed to help cleaning our skins from bacteria and reduce acne. However, if you apply lemon juice on sensitive skins, it can cause reddish and rashes on skins, wrote.

Sliced tomatoes

Vitamin A in tomatoes is good for skins. However, you can only reap its benefits when you consume tomatoes directly or drinking them as juices. When you apply sliced tomatoes on acne, there will be no much effects.

Chemical peels

If you want to get rid of rough skin layers, chemical peels can be a right option to use. However, it may not suitable to treat acne. It may temporarily removes pimples and acne scars. But, it is not a permanent solution.

Eye drops

Eye drops are believed to treat reddish on acne. But, you need to remember that it only reduces the reddish. Eye drops cannot get rid of acne.

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