Can Pasak Bumi (Longjack/Eurycoma longifolia) Improve Men’s Libido?

Certain herbs are considered useful to improve men’s libido. In Indonesia, there are purwaceng (Pimpinella pruatjan) and pasak bumi (longjack/Euricoma longifolia). Is it true that these herbs are useful to improve men’s libido?

Herbalist, dr Abrijanto SB, MSi said that several literature mentioned that longjack or pasak bumi had Aphrodisiac properties. This herb has ability to increase testosterone level if it is consumed at a certain dose.

“Giving pasak bumi to men with idiopathic infertility can increase sperm concentrations, sperm motility, and sperm morphology,” dr Abri said in a discussion about Herbana, a newest herbal supplement from PT Deltomed Laboratories, several times ago.

Research mentioned that when mice were given pasak bumi stew twice a day for 10 days, their libido were increased. It could be seen from their behaviors where they were yawning and stretching, which were signs that their libido increased.

Other research, dr Abri said, on mice showed that pasak bumi extract increased their sperm production, motility and viability. A study on human was held randomly to 109 male respondents aged between 30 and 50 years old. The result showed that pasak bumi extract improved respondents’ erection. Sexual libido and sperm motility also improved after they consumed pasak bumi for 12 weeks.

Not only the roots, other parts of this herb such as its stem, bark and leaves are also useful. “One of studies explained that pharmacology activity that pasak bumi had is antipasmodic on its root, stem, stem bark and leaves. Its anti-microbial are also found on its leaves, roots and stem,” dr Abri said as quoted from

“Its roots has cytotoxic, aphrodisiac and anti-ulcer activities. Anti-tumor activities are found on its leaves, also other benefits,” dr Abri added.

Even though some studies did mention that pasak bumi had benefits to improve men’s libido, but he suggested that men maintained healthy lifestyles such as stop smoking, eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly.

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