Can Jamu Galian Singset Help You to Lose Weight?

Most women wanted to have slim and ideal body shape. They would do various things to achieve this from diet, exercise, consuming diet pills or even consuming herbal medicines.

Of course they wanted natural ways that didn’t have side-effects. If you wanted to lose weight without side-effects, jamu galian singset could be one of your options. Galian singset was one of Indonesian traditional herbal medicines.

dr. Efiyanti from Research and Development Team at Jamu Sido Muncul supported this idea. She said that there were some ingredients in Galian Singset that had natural effects to reduce as well as maintain weight. Those ingredients were jati belanda (Guazuma ulmifolia), manggis (garnicia) and kemuning (Murraya paniculata).

“Ingredients that are available in galian singset are jati belanda, kemuning and garnicia,” she said to, Tuesday (30/8/16) at Sentra Jamu Indonesia, Kebon Jeruk, west Jakarta.

The benefits of those natural ingredients were to reduce fat around stomach and waist. Not only that, this jamu was also good to consume by women after childbirth. Galian singset was also believed to tighten skin after childbirth. dr. Efiyanti said that this natural remedy could be consumed twice a day: once in the morning and once in the night. To gain the benefits, it would take times. But, for how long?

“It depends, sometimes a month, sometimes more, but what you need to remember, besides regularly consuming this, you should workout regularly,” she said.

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