Can Coconut Water Heal Measles?

There are several ways Indonesian parents do when their kids get measles. One of them is giving their kids coconut water to drink.

Most parents believe that drinking green coconut water can eradicate red rash and accelerate the healing process. Is it true?

dr. Meta Hanindita, SpA said that there was no scientific link that showed the relationship between coconut water and measles. However, there was nothing wrong if parents wanted to give their kids the drinks when their children got measles.

“Because it’s caused by virus, to accelerate the healing process, we need to improve body immune system by getting enough rest,” the pediatrician at General Hospital Dr Soetomo Surabaya said to detikHealth in January 2017.

Measles is one of diseases that can attack children easily. Virus infects the body through airway from splash of saliva of sick people.

If a child is infected, measles causes symptoms such as high fever for three and five days, pain when swallowing, diarrhea and feeling weak. The more specific symptom is rashes and 3C symptoms.

“Conjunctivitis (red eyes, watery eyes), coryza (cold) and cough. Rashes appear when the fever reaches its peak usually on the fourth day or fifth day. It usually appears on forehead, behind the ears through the feet,” dr Meta explained.

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