Breadfruit Leaves Are Useful To Treat Kidney Problems

Some diseases can be treated with natural resources from herbal plants. One of them is breadfruit or in Indonesia is called Sukun. Its leaves can help to heal kidney problems as long as you consume them correctly and regularly.

A herbalist, Ning Hermanto said, breadfruit leaves were proven effective to treat some diseases among others were enlarged spleen and kidney problems. The benefits of breadfruit leaves are coming from substances in the leaves. They are hydrocyanic acid, acetylcholine, riboflavin, tannin, and other substances.

You needed to follow the recipe from a licensed herbalist to use breadfruit leaves. When you used the treatment, you should avoid the consumption of certain leaves. “Should avoid consumption of cassava leaves, spinach, and water spinach,” Ning Hermanto said to Solopos, Tuesday (3/7/2018).

When a patient consumed breadfruit leaves with cassava leaves, spinach, and water spinach, there would be reactions to muscles. The patient’s muscles would be hardened by certain substances in those leaves.

Besides that, she suggested the patient to stop consuming organs and red meat. These foods could make blood thickening and muscle cramps.

Ning also said that sukun leaves could reduce cholesterol levels in bodies. The recipe was to boil sukun leaves with Bangle leaves (Zingiber montanum (J.König) and lump sugar.

To treat uric acid or gout, mix a handful of dried breadfruit leaves and brew them. Add lump sugar or honey to reduce the bitterness. Besides the leaves, breadfruit meat is also useful to lose weight. The meat is low in calories so you can use it as an alternative carbohydrate source.

“Because it has various vitamins, eating breadfruit is similar with eating vitamin supplements,” Ning said.

Breadfruit is also good to improve digestion and strengthen teeth and bones.

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