Beware of Herbal Medicines Side-Effects

In these recent years, herbal therapy becomes a popular alternative healing procedure. But, we should be aware with the side-effects of herbal medicines. Even they are made from natural ingredients; they are still medicines and have side-effects.

There was a story about a man with diabetes who suffered impotency after he regularly consumed bitter melon fruit to lower his blood sugar. Apparently, he ate the bitter melon raw and consumed it too much.

Endah Lasmadiwati, an herbal practitioner in Jakarta, told online news Suara Karya other story. A patient consumed Mahkota Dewa (Phaleria macrocarpa) and temu putih (Curcuma zedoaria) that well-known as effective medicinal plants to treat cancer. But the patient suffered sore throat suddenly and also bleeding.

Phaleria Macrocarpa, mahkota dewa
Phaleria Macrocarpa

“Phaleria macrocarpa seeds should not be consumed since they are poisonous. Besides that, phaleria macrocarpa as well as Curcuma zedoaria should not be consumed during periods because they will make bleeding worsen. Indeed, these two medicinal plants are effective to treat cancer, but they also irritate womb. So, we should consume them wisely, just as the instructions,” said the owner of Sringganis, a garden of medicinal plants in Bogor, Indonesia.

Cases where people suffered swelling after they drink jamu were written many times on newspapers. The cases apparently caused by irresponsible producers who added active chemical substances to their products.

Other case happened when a patient wrongly put chamomile tea bag on her eyes and suffered swelling. She should use ordinary tea bag and not chamomile. It happened because she didn’t know.

Ginko, herbal that is popular and used to treat memory is not safe 100 percent. The medicinal plant will only be effective if the memory loss is caused by weakening of blood flow to brain. It is not effective if we consume it to heal memory loss for another factor, for instance because hormonal imbalance.

Medicinal plants apparently also contain toxin and their usages require different conditions. For instance Echinacea (that is used to improve body immune system to fight flue) should not be consumed by they who have autoimmune disorders. The reason is that it will disturb body immune system.

Anton Budiono, a doctor as well as an herbalist from Jakarta gave other example, “Epedhra and licorice will cause high blood pressure worsen. While ginko and ginger should be consumed carefully if someone takes blood thinner medicines.”



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