Benefits of Jamu Galian Rapet for Women

When the first time you hear Jamu Galian Rapet, you will be wondering about the meaning. Galian can be translated literally to English as digging, while rapet can be translated into tight or close. For Javanese society that is so familiar with jamu as traditional medicine, this term is something common. This jamu is actually talking about female femininity or miss V.

This jamu was reportedly coming from the Javanese palace as a secret recipe. Its main function is to tighten female femininity. The muscles that have loosen can be tighten again so female femininity can be tight again (rapet in Javanese word).

In Javanese culture, when the virginity was still sacred,  Javanese palace as the authority made certain rules for women who wanted to drink this recipe. First, there were only married women who can drink this jamu. And second, women were forbidden to drink it when they had menstruation. The third, it only could be drunken in special days and with certain portions only.  In that time, the recipe was a secret that no ordinary people knew how to make it.

However, in the modern day, there is no such rule. Jamu Galian Rapet
is sold freely. And  single girls who have been experiencing  menstrual cycles can drink this jamu beverage. The dosage can be adapted with the needs and benefits that women want when they consume this beverage.

For virgins, this herbal can treat problems like whitish and itching due to fungus. This home remedy is effective to clean mucus or fluid in vagina. Besides that, this jamu is also useful to remove odor in female femininity that usually shows because high humidity. The additional effect for women that regularly consume this home remedy is that they will have fragrance body odor.

For women who just gave birth, Jamu Galian Rapet is useful to tighten the female femininity. It also help cleaning postpartum blood. This concoction is to clean and improve female femininity in general. For married women or they who sexually active, there are times when they lost their sexual desire. Then, they can use this home remedy to improve their libido and stamina.

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