Basil Toner to Remove Acne


Kemangi or in English called basil is small leaf with typical aroma. It is usually eaten raw by Indonesian. Apparently, basil is effective to cure acne. The nutrition in basil can treat acne and reduce oil production in skin.

There are vitamin A, vitamin C dan vitamin B as well as antiseptic that can help acne fast. Antiseptic in basil will kill bacteria as well as improve blood circulation in skin.

How to use it?

Basil can be used to make homemade toner. The toner can be used before sleeping after you wash your face with soap.


100 gram basil leaves

200 ml warm water.



1. Mash the basil and mix them with warm water evenly. Wait until the pulp cold.

2. After it is cold, squeeze the pulp and refine the juice. Store the juice in a bottle.

3. It is better to store the bottle in refrigerator to make it more durable.

4. Use cotton and apply the juice on your face before you sleep. Clean it after you wake up in the morning.

Use it regularly, then soon your acne will be gone and your face will be brighter.

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